Side Character info

Side characters
Name :Margarita

Age: unknown

Margarita is Nickels mother- she is insane, uncaring and definitaely shouldnt have children, she works on street corners to try to make any money she can, and cons people when she can as well. She acts like a nice lady in public but shes very good at lying and Cheating.
Shes a fox.
Name: Liason (Leeson)

Age: Unknown

Liason seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, he isnt the kindest but hes also not the WORST- he has his moments both ways.. but on the whole hes not a bad guy. He can definately be very one note on occasion though.
Hes a husky.
Name: Jackie

Age: Unknown

Jackie is the kinder of the two (him and Liason) And though he has his moments too hes definately the nicer one between them.. he has a heart of gold under all that fluff and isnt afraid to show it off when the opportunity arises.
Hes a fox.