Chapter: Chapter 2: I was Alone Page: I was alone.. page 10

27th Nov 2019, 11:11 AM

I was alone.. page 10

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Joshua Sturm
27th Nov 2019, 1:42 PM
Joshua Sturm
You have to wonder, though~
She could be telling the truth, but the bad hand she may have been dealt in life, taking it out on him may make it seem like a lie. There's never a good excuse to do this to your kids, but gotta wonder what she went through, if this is a continuous cycle of a dysfunctional family.
8th Jan 2020, 9:48 PM
I wonder if she isn't dramatically bi-polar. If that's untreated, people can have no control of their emotions and go from one spectrum to the other.

At any rate, she needs help, and he needs to get out...(in my opinion. But where would he go? I'm sure this world doesn't treat orphans any better than our own.)