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MAIN Character info

here you can find out a bit more about the Main characters of our humble story.
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 Name: Nik/Nickel

Age: Old enough to know better, too young to care.

Nik hates everything, and has a pessimistic outlook on life, his only joy is his birthday because hes a year closer to the sweet sweet release of death.. and the ability to escape his two annoying friends. Hes never seen without a cigarrette, and usually has a very sarcastic expression.
Name: Penny

Age: The age of her own design

Penny is a Half lynx/cat hybrid, She enjoys Teasing Nik but also knows he doesnt mean half of what he says- shes usually seen around Dime and the two of them are usually being strange together (much to niks dismay)
Name: D/Dime

Age: In chinchilla years hes 15

D is a very ditzy but loving chinchilla, Hes a bit out there and can be seen as sort of annoying, Him and Penny are always the two to cause trouble in the group. He is very kind and accepting of just about anyone- and has a few "girlish" qualities.
Name: Kori

Age: 17

Kori is a quiet sort of character, he has anxiety, hes not the most outgoing, and he definately lacks many friends, but hes very kind and rather wise for his age. He's been through a lot-And isnt too used to social interaction, but hes also very accepting of his newfound friends and their "eccentricities"

His pet dog Franc is the reason he meets the gang.