Layout changes

Im gonna be working on the layout so its gonna look a bit weird for a bit! lol...

Just letting ya'll know so you arent scared!

Dont be scared!!

Lol hopefully it'll look better when im finished.

Some new stuff!

I've been working on things... theres a few comic pages up! and I've gotten the other pages set up too- Currently theres sketches, Finished art, and character info!

Theres no fanart yet XD but there is a new character- his name is Kori- hes a rabbit, he'll show up in a different chapter...

Anyway! back to work XD till next time

Yo! Welcome XD

Yea I know I suck- Im starting another comic without finishing the others- however this one is a bit closer to my heart than some of the others... this one...Augh I love it.. and I wont have a set schedule for it either- too many other projects... this is just gonna update when I feel like it and can- since I still have carpal tunnel and tendonitis and all that... makes being on a schedule hard...So In anycase I hope you enjoy the ride when the ride starts! hahaha....

Peace ya'll!
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