New layout- new fanart

I spent a very long time making the images for our new layout XD I hope you all like it!

We also have a new piece of fanart! YAY our first!

A very ADORABLE picture of Penny by Grenmaju on FA!

Go give them some love!
Alright back to work!

Layout changes

Im gonna be working on the layout so its gonna look a bit weird for a bit! lol...

Just letting ya'll know so you arent scared!

Dont be scared!!

Lol hopefully it'll look better when im finished.

Some new stuff!

I've been working on things... theres a few comic pages up! and I've gotten the other pages set up too- Currently theres sketches, Finished art, and character info!

Theres no fanart yet XD but there is a new character- his name is Kori- hes a rabbit, he'll show up in a different chapter...

Anyway! back to work XD till next time

Yo! Welcome XD

Yea I know I suck- Im starting another comic without finishing the others- however this one is a bit closer to my heart than some of the others... this one...Augh I love it.. and I wont have a set schedule for it either- too many other projects... this is just gonna update when I feel like it and can- since I still have carpal tunnel and tendonitis and all that... makes being on a schedule hard...So In anycase I hope you enjoy the ride when the ride starts! hahaha....

Peace ya'll!
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