Hello! /possible new background artist!

Hi there guys! Im so sorry I havent updated this in so long- theres still a bunch of medical stuff going on- Like tests and meds and its a whirlwind of busy- However this blog post is to let you who subscribed know two things-

1. NO the comic is not dead- we will continue to update in the future- I just dont have any clear timelines when those are... AT ALL- at this point... I appreciate the patience <3

2. I may have someone to help me with coloring/backgrounds (the comic will remain greyscale because I like it that way) Shes a really good friend of mine and shes AMAZING- so if she does help I'll have to let her do them on her time- so we may not update every week like I was when doing it on my own- She has her own life- and so this would be her doing ME a favor- so I cant be pushy- you know?

But at the end of it I appreciate your patience with me- Im so sorry its taking this long.