Apologies for the lack of updates- there is ALOT going on right now-
I had to give up my sugar gliders after 6 years because of beurocratic/city stupid nonsense, One of my two guinea pigs died, and I dont think the other will last long without her,  Im dealing with other nonsense bill and life wise, And im in quite a bit of pain, the meds I was given do help with the cts/tendonitis and stuff- but its also getting colder and thats when REYNAUDS strikes... making it hard to draw anyway- and besides that- my left shoulder is not being very nice- the ligament is super loose and it keeps falling out of its socket and is pretty painful... (I cant image how much more in pain I might be if I wasnt already on the OTHER drugs for pain in my back.)

So apologies- I will do what I can when Its possible to do so.
Currently I've been going super slow working on stuff for my petsite- but even then I cant draw more than maybe 15 minutes. So thats fun...(not)

Anyway this isnt a Woe is me, whine, post its an update post to let you know whats up-
Short changed is not dying- I plan to continue for like ever if possible...

TLDR: lots of stuff going on, in pain, will update when possible

love ya'll!


2nd Dec 2021, 9:50 PM
Wishing the best for you!
2nd Dec 2021, 11:17 PM
Thankies <3