Chapter: Chapter 3- Trivial Change: A fun story about robin hood Page: chapter 3-page 11

6th May 2020, 12:00 PM

chapter 3-page 11

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Ittermat 6th May 2020, 12:00 PM
I really hate how you can tell easily when my stuffs not working for me right.. ugh...anyway I got this comic done! Im doing my damndest not to miss an update!

In other news after like...FOREVER using a tiny little 4x5 wacom tablet for art (I dol ike the small tablets tho!)- I finally can afford a tablet with a screen! I ordered it and im super excited to be able to use it to do comics! lets see if it works better than my current one (where the drivers like to fail on me mid arting)
I ordered a huion Kamvas 13. ^^
Its possible I'll have it by the time I draw the next couple comics! (I'll letcha know in the comments of the comic if I do I guess XD)

I hope all are staying safe and healthy!

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