we are on a roll!

Hello! long time no blog. XD I just dont have alot to say! However I will let you all know that we are all the way into chapter 4 on my discord and ko-fi
It only takes donating $2 to be able to have access to everything! free games, Comics/comic sketches as I finish sketches! just $2! (however you can give more if you want. it doesnt really get you anything extra though.)

I've been consistantly at least 5 comics ahead- Im pretty proud of myself I havent missed an update yet either!
I currently have comics finished all the way into October XD yey..!!

Lol thats all I have to say!

End of Chapter 1! More fanart! more Other art! Im excited!

Thats it! we've reached the end of Chapter 1!! I feel like I've hit a milestone of some sort.. CRAZY!
Next is a special chapter about Niks childhood! I promise though nothing in this comic will go over pg-13. Im not like that.
Also dont forget! You can get stuff early as well as giveaways and awesome things by donating to Ko-fi- This not only gives to access to the discord where most of the stuff is (As well as every comic as I finish it!! but it also lets you enter into game giveaways and Sketch requests as well as whatever else I might have planned!! Literally just $2 gets you some awesome stuff!

Now for the fanart first!

Penny by Bluedragon77!

Fanart of Kori by DLNan0!

There are also Other finished Artworks,

And now Some more sketches!

Thats all for now! Do ya like our layout? I spent forever on it lol!! <3
Till next time <3

A bit of a change- and some more fanart!

we have another wonderful piece of fanart!

Looks like nik isnt gonna like what penny wants to say lol

Thanks so much Penndreadful!

now onto the other part! I've moved stuff around- there was something really annoying about the way that Comicfury put all chapters together on the actual page (but seperates them) on the archive... So I've moved minicomics to the Other art area- rather than them ruining your reading experience by popping up in the middle of the action XD

Or if all else fails- everything is ALSO uploaded to the facebook page- and seperated there too! So whichever way works best for you- is fine by me!

Till next time <3

New layout- new fanart

I spent a very long time making the images for our new layout XD I hope you all like it!

We also have a new piece of fanart! YAY our first!

A very ADORABLE picture of Penny by Grenmaju on FA!

Go give them some love!
Alright back to work!

Layout changes

Im gonna be working on the layout so its gonna look a bit weird for a bit! lol...

Just letting ya'll know so you arent scared!

Dont be scared!!

Lol hopefully it'll look better when im finished.

Some new stuff!

I've been working on things... theres a few comic pages up! and I've gotten the other pages set up too- Currently theres sketches, Finished art, and character info!

Theres no fanart yet XD but there is a new character- his name is Kori- hes a rabbit, he'll show up in a different chapter...

Anyway! back to work XD till next time

Yo! Welcome XD

Yea I know I suck- Im starting another comic without finishing the others- however this one is a bit closer to my heart than some of the others... this one...Augh I love it.. and I wont have a set schedule for it either- too many other projects... this is just gonna update when I feel like it and can- since I still have carpal tunnel and tendonitis and all that... makes being on a schedule hard...So In anycase I hope you enjoy the ride when the ride starts! hahaha....

Peace ya'll!